Your Ultimate Guide to Iceland in June

Once the moth of June comes, it is time to say hello to the long-awaited summer! Here's all you need to know about June in Iceland.

Iceland in June

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Being in Iceland in June is an amazing experience - for both locals and visitors. The weather is some of the best it’ll be all year, there is plenty to do and see and there is a general energy and excitement in the air that screams, “it’s summertime!!!”

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should plan your trip to Iceland in June, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

The Pros and Cons of Iceland in June

Like all things in life, there are always pros and cons to consider, and it is the same when it comes to Iceland in June. The following overview will give you a quick glance into whether June will be the right fit for you:


  • You will get to experience some of the best weather Iceland has to offer.
  • Daylight hours are so many that you can have an absolutely jam-packed trip itinerary.
  • Because of the lovely weather, your jam-packed trip itinerary can include some outdoor activities on the island such as hiking, kayaking, etc.
  • The daylight hours are so many, in fact, that you can experience one of Iceland’s natural phenomenons: the Midnight Sun. This is when the sun quite literally never completely sets.
  • If you’re an animal-lover, June is the perfect time for you to visit the island since you’ll be able to spot the migratory whales as well as the Puffins of Iceland.
  • All roads and routes are open, and the road conditions are also some of the best you’ll find on the island all year round. This makes it the perfect time to take that road trip you’ve always wanted.

Midnight sun in Iceland in June


  • Because of all the benefits Iceland in June holds, it’s also an extremely popular month to visit the island, which means typical peak season crowds.
  • Peak season crowds also always bring with them peak season prices. That means that a trip to Iceland in June will be harder on the pocket than during the other “down” season months.
  • All these daylight hours have been known to cause havoc on some people’s sleeping patterns. That’s why it is recommended that things such as sleeping masks and other sleep aids be packed just in case.
  • Although all these daylight hours make one of Iceland’s natural phenomena possible, it also makes another one impossible. You cannot see the Northern Lights in Iceland in June.
  • It is precisely the weather that makes a lot of activities possible in Iceland. However, it also makes certain things impossible, such as exploring the ice caves in Iceland.

What To Expect From the Weather When Visiting Iceland in June

Summer in Iceland may not entirely live up to your Caribbean island ideals, but it is an amazing time to spend on our island. The Icelandic weather in June treats you very well, and you won’t need to be concerned about possible snow or those Icelandic winds.

Even though the weather has calmed down, you’ll need to be prepared for everything. It includes sun and blue skies, overcast and cloudy weather, even some sudden rainfall. But there are ways to mitigate this, and we’ll discuss this in more detail later.

The temperature in Iceland in June can range between 9-15 degrees Celsius. This means that there will be no temperatures under the 0-degree mark on your trip.

And daylight hours may start out as an astonishing 20 hours at the beginning of the month, but it increases even further to 22+ hours a day later in June.

Icelandic weather in June

Packing List When Traveling to Iceland in June

We get it; it can be contradicting having to pack for a summer vacation in a place called Iceland. That’s why we’ve created this helpful packing list that you can use as a guide:

  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Fleece/woolen sweater (only pack a few, as you’ll really want to buy a couple of authentic Icelandic woolen sweaters)
  • Waterproof pants
  • Waterproof hiking boots (irrespective of whether you’re planning on going hiking or not)
  • Underwear
  • Thermal vests
  • Thermal leggings
  • Warm woolen socks
  • T-shirts & long-sleeved shirts
  • Casual pants (for when you’re out and about in the city)
  • Warm hat (we highly recommend beanies)
  • Warm gloves
  • Warm scarf
  • Quick drying towel (it’s terrible when you have to spend your day lugging around wet things on excursions)
  • Flip-flops (for the hot springs days or when using public changing rooms)
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries and medications
  • A sleeping mask and earplugs
  • Water bottle (the water quality here is of such a high standard that we only need to top up throughout our day)
  • Backpack (to use for both day outings and hikes)
  • Electronics: chargers, cables, a power bank, an adaptor, etc.

Packing list for Iceland

Camping in Iceland in June

One of the favorite things for people to do once that summer feeling on the island hits is to go camping. It’s no surprise since it’s the best way to immerse yourself in the majestic Icelandic landscape as well as save a few bucks on accommodation expenses.

If you want to save even more money, you can buy a Camping Card. This card costs only €159 and grants 2 adults and up to 4 children access to various campsites across the island for 28 nights!

You can still take advantage of Iceland’s camping opportunities by renting a campervan. This way, you’ll have both your transport and accommodation sorted out, and you can go camping in comfort.

Some of the camping grounds that come highly recommended are:

Camping in Iceland in June

Driving in Iceland in June

As we already touched on, all the roads and routes should be open again by June and the road conditions should be pristine. It is the perfect time to take on that island road trip you’ve always wanted to do.

We would advise you to have a chat with your rental agency regarding your planned route(s) though.

There are certain roads on the island that are only accessible via 4x4, such as the F-roads in Iceland. And those are the official 4x4-only roads. There are others that locals also consider to be 4x4 routes, even though they are not clearly marked as such.

As locals, your rental agency will be able to recommend the insurance policies that are best to take when tackling your specific routes.

If you have been thinking about making a road trip out of your island stay, the following are some of the most popular road trip routes:

  • The Arctic Coast Way
  • The South Coast Way
  • The Westfjords Way

Driving in Iceland in the summer

Midnight Sun in Iceland in June

One of the best things to do in Iceland in June is to experience the Midnight Sun. This is when the sun quite literally never sets, with 20+ hours of daylight each day. When visiting in June, you’ll actually experience the height of this phenomenon, as it is the summer solstice on the 21st of June. And, in typical Icelander fashion, there are plenty of festivities celebrating the day.

Can You See the Northern Lights in Iceland in June?

The one drawback of so many daylight hours is that you won’t be able to see one of Iceland’s other natural phenomenon; the Northern Lights. So, if that is a non-negotiable on your Iceland bucket list, you might have to schedule your trip to the island for another time.

Things to Do in Iceland in June

It’s not just camping and road-tripping that top the charts as some of the most much-loved things to do when visiting Iceland in June. The following are also a few other attractions and activities you can consider adding to your trip itinerary:

Go on the Reykjavík Food Walk

The Reykjavík Food Walk is a favorite among visitors. You can discover the capital city whilst stuffing your face with delicious local cuisine and wash it down with cool craft beers.

Reykjavik guided tour

Go horse riding on the island’s own horse breed

For those who don’t know, the island boasts its own breed of horse, quite unimaginatively, called the Icelandic Horse. They are praised for their pony-like features, friendly nature and the fact that they can perform an extra gait called the tolt.

Horseback riding in Iceland

Hike a glacier 

It may sound counterintuitive, but the glacier activities are actually available all year round. And who doesn’t want to say that they hiked across the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull?

What to do in Iceland in June

Take a dip in a hot spring or geothermal pool 

All the volcanic activity on the island heats up the underground water supply. Icelanders can reap the benefits thereof in the form of a hot spring or geothermal pool. Some of the local favorites are the Blue Lagoon or the Myvatn Nature Baths.

Hot springs in Iceland

Visit a Museum

There are plenty of interesting museums on the island, such as the Saga Museum or the Iceland Phallological Museum.

Spot some Puffins

If you take a walk along the Latrabjarg Cliffs in Iceland, you are guaranteed to see the Iceland Puffins and their little Pufflings in the month of June - too cute!

Puffins visiting Iceland in June

Go whale watching

June is the perfect time to go on a whale watching boat tour. Many migratory whale species will be calling Iceland home in the month of June, and you’ll be able to spot whales such as Minke Whales, Orcas and Blue whales.

Whale watching in Iceland

Attend some events and festivities 

Icelanders don’t need a reason to celebrate, and you’ll always find events and festivities happening all across the island. During the month of June, these include the Icelandic National Day or the Secret Solstice Music Festival.

Take a stroll on a black sand beach

Another result of the volcanic activity on the island are Iceland’s black sand beaches. Take some time and take a stroll. 

Black sand beaches

Visit a waterfall

Visit one of Iceland’s waterfalls (we have 10,000 all across the island!). These truly are spectacular and are all popular for different reasons, such as Dettifoss Waterfall, Svartifoss Waterfall, and Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

Best Waterfalls in Iceland to visit

Dive or snorkel the Silfra Fissure.

You have the opportunity to literally lie suspended between two continents when diving or snorkeling the Silfra Fissure. The gap where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates push each other away is now filled with glacial water, and you can snorkel or dive in it. Just remember that if you want to dive, you’ll need to have a valid diving license and enough experience under your belt.

Diving activities in Iceland in June

Visit a National Park

This is another free attraction here on the island, so visit one of Iceland’s national parks, such as Thingvellir National Park. In each National Park, you’ll also find various attractions and activities.

Thingvellir National Park

Helpful Tips When Visiting Iceland in June

The following helpful tips and advice will allow you to have a safe and memorable trip when visiting Iceland in June:

Waterproof Gear and Clothes Should be Kept Close By

We already told you about the local saying regarding the weather, so it’s always good to be prepared here on the island. But waterproof gear and clothing are not just to manage sudden rainfall.

Waterproof hiking boots come in extremely handy when walking wet, muddy trails at the natural hot springs. And a raincoat and other waterproof clothing will allow you to take proper photos at the waterfalls.

Track the Weather and Road Conditions

Another way to manage the “four seasons in a day” situation on the island is by keeping a close eye on the Iceland weather forecast. You can do this whilst planning the trip as well as before heading out on your daily excursions when on the island. This way you won’t get caught unaware and end up trying to hike in cold and rainy conditions.

The weather and other unforeseen circumstances can also cause sudden road closures in Iceland. As you can imagine, this can really chuck a spanner in the works when you’re on a road trip. So, also keep a close eye on the Iceland road conditions to avoid hitting an unsuspected “dead end”.

Temperature in Iceland in June

Always Wear Layers

Iceland is a complex country, and it can be tough to get dressed for the day ahead.

That’s why we always advise visitors to dress in layers. This way, you’ll always be able to put something on when you’re cold and take something off when you’re hot.

Don’t Max Out Your Daylight Hours

When visiting Iceland in June, it can be very tempting to take full advantage of all these extra daylight hours and pack your trip itinerary to the max. But this is a terrible mistake and one that has cost many a visitor dearly. You’ll need to keep a healthy balance and allow for enough sleep and downtime to re-energize.

Many who stuff their itineraries to the brim suffer from burnout only a few days into their trip, and this obliterates the rest of the plans they had for their trip.

You don’t want to end up lying in bed, completely drained and fatigued, just because you wanted to do that one extra activity or see that one extra thing on day 1. Pace yourself.

Set an Alarm…to Sleep

With 22+ hours of daylight each day, you no longer need an alarm to wake up, but rather tell you when to go to sleep. Some people’s body rhythms really struggle to adapt to there being no darkness, and you need to get enough sleep if you want to have a good trip.

So, set your alarm, put on that sleeping mask, and try to get some much-needed Zs.

Visiting Iceland in June

Iceland in June: a Once-in-a-lifetime Summer Vacay

As you can see, there’s no end to the answer to the question “what is there to do in Iceland in June?” with many of the attractions and activities things that can only be experienced on the island. Plus, with a few daylight hours to spare, the possibilities are endless.

If you have decided to plan your trip to Iceland in June, just keep in mind that it is the busy season. It’s recommended that you book everything well in advance. Everything, from accommodation to your car rental in Reykjavík to tickets to attractions and events. May you have an incredibly rewarding and memorable trip!

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