Keflavik Airport – Iceland’s Main Hub

Keflavik Airport is the main gateway in Iceland. We collected all the important information for a smooth arrival and departure.

Plane landing at Keflavik Airport

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    Planning a trip itinerary is not only exciting and thrilling; it is also essential. However, we get so focused on such a task that we typically forget the little and important details. Among that list, we can find any information related to airports. KEF Airport is the largest airport and Iceland’s central hub. Home to Airlines like Icelandair and WOW air which is sadly no longer operating. Do you know how many terminals are there? How far is it from the city? How to get from and to Keflavík International Airport? Those questions do deserve to be answered. Let’s proceed.

    Keflavik international airport - Basic Information

    You can find the Keflavik International Airport in Southern Iceland, in the Reykjanes Peninsula. Like most airports, it is outside of the city limits. KEF Airport is around 50 kilometers (31 miles) away from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. Depending on the road and weather conditions, it can take you up to 45 minutes to one hour to reach the city’s downtown.

    The airport itself is not huge, but it is well-organized and has plenty of services. The Airport was built by the U.S Armed Forces back in 1943 during the II World War. The terminal has been renewed several times since then. The air terminal helped in the growth of Iceland’s international commerce and the development and expansion of the aviation industry. Iceland has now become a top demanded touristic destiny. Therefore the number of travelers now duplicate the total number of inhabitants during the high season. Consequently, it is under ongoing improvement and upgrades to offer a high-quality service that meets our visitors’ standards.

    The airport connects Iceland with North America and Continental Europe and vice versa. Several airlines operate at the airport, among them Iberia, Finnair, British Airways, Easy Jet, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian, United Airlines, Delta…etc. So only international flights operate here.

    Iceland international airport

    It is important to point this as many travelers can get easily confused with Reykjavik airport. Most airline tickets say “Reykjavik Keflavik Airport,” but they are actually two different air terminals. Reykjavik Airport is a domestic airportand only operates domestic flights. The only international route is a connection to Greenland. If you are visiting Iceland from any other country, you will arrive at KEF Airport, the most important getaway in Iceland.

    How many terminals are there at Keflavik airport? - Airport Services

    As referenced previously, the air terminal itself isn't massive, yet it is enjoyable, useful, and provides some interesting services. There is only one terminal in a two-story building with a food and beverage court, restaurants, and shopping area. Different services are likewise accessible such as Currency exchange, Tax-free and Duty-free area, Parking services, free wifi, bus service, and rental cars.

    Rental car services:

    Reykjavik Cars offers its services at KEF Airport. The office is just 500 meters away from the arrivals hall. The area is within walking distance, but you can also use the Car Rental Services shuttle. The bus departs every 15 minutes from the outside of the arrivals terminal. Getting your vehicle to drive in Iceland is quite easy!


    Iceland is an expensive country and we are also highly taxed. The VAT is 24% so, saving those taxes can indeed make a difference. Keflavik Airport’s Duty-Free area is well-stocked and offers and a wide range of products to buy before departing or upon arrival. Clothes, cosmetics, liquors, travel products, and souvenirs are offered at the store 24/7.

    VAT Refunds:

    Any goods that will be taken out of Iceland can apply for a VAT refund. The minimum purchase should be 6000 ISK or USD 43. At the store, you will have to request a special ticket for the VAT refund that will be provided along with the product’s receipt.In order to get the vat refund, products and goods must be presented at the desk with the mentioned documentation.

    VIP Lounges

    The international airport KEF does not have a VIP area yet. Though one will soon be under construction. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Icelandair Saga Lounge in the main terminal.

    Keflavik Airport sign for the Business lounge

    Keflavik airport luggage storage:

    Passengers who wish to keep their luggage before heading to excursions or relax at the Blue Lagoon, they can do so at the Bílahótel Luggage Storage. Pieces of luggage can also be kept for several weeks. The price depends on how long you keep your suitcases in their shop.

    Keflavik airport bus transfer and Bus services:

    Right outside the terminal, you will find a bus stop area. Here, you have several bus tours and lines at your disposal. Urban routes that would take you to the village of Keflavik and Reykjavik provided by Straeto and a shuttle service between Keflavik and Reykjavik operated by Flybus. Schedules from the airport to Reykjavík can be found here.

    Food and Beverages Court:

    From refreshing juices to warming coffee. At the food court area, you can find a wide range of products from Dunkin Donuts to freshly baked pizza at Hja-hollu.

    Keflavik Village and Other Activities

    The KEF International airport is named after the village it is located in: Keflavik. The city offers some exciting options if you wish to spend a couple of hours in this area:

    Museum of Rock and Roll:

    Keflavik is commonly referred to as “The Liverpool of the north.” This nickname comes from the connection of the village with the music and bands that arose in Liverpool in the ’60s. Among them the legendary rock band “The Beatles.”

    The Rock and Roll museum opened its doors to the public in 2014. If you come and visit, you will discover a wide range of souvenirs, merchandising and information of well-known Icelandic artists both new and old. You probably heard about Björk before, well, in this museum you have plenty of memorabilia of The Sugarcubes, the group she played in before going on a solo career. The entrance costs 2000 ISK, and it is free of charge for teenagers under 16 years old. It opens from 11:00 to 18:00.

    Blue Lagoon

    The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited places in Iceland. Most visitors are looking for the beneficial properties of its waters full of silica and minerals. After a long flight or a tiring road trip, you can come to the Blue Lagoon to recharge your batteries.

    You can quickly get to the Blue Lagoon from KEF Airport. There is an airport transfer with hourly pick up and drop off available at the main terminal. The price for the shuttle to the Blue Lagoon is 2.700 ISK if you wish to have a one-way ticket from the airport to the blue lagoon. The round trip would be 5.500 ISK. You can also book online both the shuttle service and the ticket entrance. The Spa offers different packs and experiences for you to enjoy this hot spring water properly.

    Traffic sign for Keflavik Airport

    Keflavik Airport – Iceland’s Main Hub

    To travel with peace of mind, it is essential to know the rules of airports and the services. Keflavik Airport provides a high-quality service to passengers of all ages and needs. Special assistance at the airport is available at free of charge. There are several playground areas close to different gates across the airport with seats for the parents to check their little ones carefully.

    The main objective of Keflavik international airport is to provide the best experience to whoever decides to visit our beautiful country. The starting and finishing touch to an already great trip through the land of fire and ice.

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