We offer a wide variety of extra services and equipment!

At Reykjavík Cars we always put a great emphasize on offering a wide variety of extra services and equipment. You might want to add an additional driver, a GPS Navigation System, child seat or some extra insurance to make your car rental safer, more comfortable - and above all else - enjoyable.

Our booking system contains more details of the extra items you can book alongside your rental vehicle. Simply click on the “more info” link on the right-hand side of the page. We have also listed them below. We always recommend that you hire any extras in the same booking as your vehicle. If you do decide to add some extras later we suggest you to do it upon arrival when collecting your car.


Platinum Insurance

FROM 3951 ISK per day
  • 28 EUR
  • 27 USD
  • 25 GBP

The Platinum insurance option includes CDW, SCDW, GP, TP, and SAAP insurance. This insurance option does not have a deductible. Find the complete list of exceptions to the insurance coverage in our terms and conditions.


Premium Insurance Package

FROM 3300 ISK per day
  • 23 EUR
  • 23 USD
  • 21 GBP

All in one. The best way to ensure you are fully covered. By purchasing this package, you will have every insurance option at a very reasonable price. SCDW + GP + TP + SAAP from ONLY 3330 ISK/per day


SCDW Insurance

From 1530 ISK per day
  • 11 EUR
  • 11 USD
  • 10 GBP

By adding this option, you will have the same coverage as the CDW insurance (included in all of our rentals), but the excess will be lowered from 350.000 ISK to 90.000 ISK (2WD) and 120.000 ISK (4WD).

Gravel Protection

From 990 ISK per day
  • 7 EUR
  • 7 USD
  • 6 GBP

Neither the CDW nor the SCDW covers you against damage caused by gravel to the vehicle's windshield, headlights, and body either by your car or another vehicle. This is a particular problem in Iceland, where many roads are unsurfaced. Gravel Protection (GP) from 990 ISK per day ensures that you are 100% covered. The excess for this coverage is 20.000 ISK.

Theft Insurance

From 540 ISK per day
  • 4 EUR
  • 4 USD
  • 3 GBP

Theft protection (TP) covers you against theft of the rented vehicle. By choosing this insurance, the excess in the event of theft will be 0€. The excess for hirers without TP will depend on the terms stated in their respective CDW or SCDW policy.

Sand and Ash Protection

From 1350 ISK per day
  • 10 EUR
  • 9 USD
  • 8 GBP

Volcano eruptions have increased the risk of damage to all cars' paintwork and windows over the past few years. In high winds and dry weather, the ash and sand from volcanoes, mainly on the south coast, can severely damage your vehicle. Damages caused by such phenomena are not usually covered by standard insurance policies - until now. By purchasing SAAP the excess in case of damage from sand and ash is lowered to 90.000 ISK.


Extra Driver

From 810 ISK per extra driver & day
  • 6 EUR
  • 6 USD
  • 5 GBP

Driving through Iceland can be a long and tiring journey; got someone to take turns driving? Well, it is indeed possible to add an extra driver to your rental.

Roof Box: Thule 340l

From 2250 ISK per day
  • 16 EUR
  • 16 USD
  • 14 GBP

Are you traveling with a large number of suitcases? Roof boxes provide you with that extra space you need in your rental car. Our Roof boxes have an internal volume of 320L and a maximum load of 75kg; the Thule roof Box can make your journeys that little bit more comfortable. Extra only available for our 7-seater models.

Baby Seat

From 1080 ISK per day
  • 8 EUR
  • 7 USD
  • 7 GBP

Safety always comes first; that is why we have a wide range of child seats that meet the requirements of the Icelandic law (0-13kg, 9-18kg and 15-36kg). These seats fit different ages and ensure that your little ones are sitting safely and adequately.

GPS Garmin

From 1125 ISK per day
  • 8 EUR
  • 8 USD
  • 7 GBP

Getting lost while driving is no longer an option, but adding a GPS to your rental surely is! So that you know where you're coming from and where you're going to.

Cushion Seat

From 600 ISK per rental
  • 4 EUR
  • 4 USD
  • 4 GBP

Has your child reached 135cm tall? A cushioned seat is the best option for toddlers so the seat belt can fit them properly.

4G WiFi

From 1125 ISK per day
  • 8 EUR
  • 8 USD
  • 7 GBP

Listen to your playlists while on the road, check the best spots in each city and chat with your friends. This 4G mobile WIFI dongle provides 3GB of data per day. Stay connected anytime in most of Iceland.

Local taxes

  • 0 EUR
  • 0 USD
  • 0 GBP

We make it simple for you: road fees, taxes, and 24% VAT are already calculated and included in our rates.

Fuel Discount Key

  • 0 EUR
  • 0 USD
  • 0 GBP

Reduce fuel expenses by using our fuel discount key at several gas stations across Iceland; this contactless card is included in every rental.

Unlimited Kilometers

  • 0 EUR
  • 0 USD
  • 0 GBP

Your road trip, for as long as you like. Unlimited kilometers are included in the rental price, so simply hit the road and enjoy a long drive with no limits.

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