Iceland Electrical Outlets: What You Need to Know

Don't get caught powerless in Iceland! Learn all about Iceland's electrical outlets and the right plug types you need for your devices

Iceland Electrical Outlet

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Ever wondered about the ins and outs of the Iceland electrical outlet system? As you prepare for your journey to the Land of Fire and Ice, understanding the country's electrical system is just as important as packing your warmest clothes. Let's explore what you must know to keep your devices juiced up during your stay!

Types of Electrical Outlets in Iceland

Iceland primarily uses three types of electrical outlets. Each has its unique design and pin configuration. Being familiar with these can save you the inconvenience of arriving and realizing your devices don't fit the local sockets. Let's explore each Iceland electrical outlet type in detail:

Type F

Type F, the 'Schuko' plug, is commonly used in Iceland. If your device uses a different plug type, you'll need a Type F Iceland power adapter. This is also called an Iceland adapter, Iceland travel adapter, and, more specifically, a US-to-Iceland plug adapter if you're traveling from the United States.

Iceland outlet type

Type C

Type C, known as the 'Europlug,' is a two-pin unearthed plug widely used in Iceland. An Iceland travel adapter is needed if your device doesn't support this plug type. This can also be referred to as a US-to-Iceland plug adapter for American travelers.

Iceland plug type

Type E

Type E, often called the 'French plug,' is another electrical outlet type you may come across in Iceland. It has two round pins and a hole for the socket's grounding pin. You may need an Iceland power adapter if your device doesn't accommodate a Type E plug. 

 Iceland plug socket

Voltage and Frequency in Iceland

The voltage in Iceland is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. This means that if your devices are not designed for 230 V and 50 Hz, you may need an Iceland voltage converter or a transformer for them to function safely and properly while in Iceland.

Adapters and Converters for Iceland

Navigating through the intricacies of the Iceland electrical outlet system requires appropriate adapters and converters. Adapters ensure your plug fits into the Icelandic socket, while voltage converters adjust the electrical voltage to match your device's specifications. 

What Adapters and Converters Do You Need?

The adapters and converters you need depend on your devices and the country you're coming from

  • US to Iceland plug adapter: Necessary for US devices as Iceland uses Type F, C, and E plugs.
  • Iceland voltage converter: Required if your device doesn't support the standard 230V, 50Hz power in Iceland. 

Remember, an Iceland adapter plug allows your device to plug into the foreign outlet, while a converter changes the electricity to match your device's needs.

Travel adapter Iceland

Where To Buy Adapters and Converters For Iceland

Adapters and converters for Iceland can be purchased in various places. 

  • Airport retail shops: This is a great place to buy your Iceland electrical outlet necessities. 
  • Online marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and BestBuy offer a wide range of electrical adapters for Iceland.
  • Travel stores: They often carry travel-specific items, including Iceland adapters and converters.

Always remember to check the product's compatibility with your device before purchase.

How To Use Your Electrical Devices in Iceland

Using your electrical devices in Iceland requires appropriate Iceland adapters and Iceland converters. Firstly, identify the plug type of your device and the Iceland electrical outlet. Then, use the necessary Iceland adapter to connect your device. If your device doesn't support 230V 50Hz, use an Iceland converter to adjust the power. 

US to Iceland plug adapter

Tips for Using Your Electrical Devices in Iceland

Here are a few tips for using your electronics in Iceland:

  • Always check the compatibility of your device with the Icelandic power supply system before plugging it in.
  • Use appropriate Iceland adapters and Iceland converters, depending on your device's requirements.
  • Plug your device into the Iceland electrical outlet only after confirming the suitability of the power supply. 
  • Avoid overloading Iceland plug sockets, as it can trigger electrical issues.

What To Do if You Have Problems With Your Electrical Devices

If you encounter problems with your electrical devices in Iceland, don't panic. Firstly, double-check your Iceland adapter and Iceland converter for compatibility. If issues persist, consider purchasing a new Iceland adapter plug or Iceland voltage converter from a local electronics store. Always prioritize safety when dealing with Iceland's electricity voltage.

Iceland voltage converter

Understanding the Basics of the Iceland Electrical Outlet

Navigating Iceland's electrical outlet system is vital for a smooth trip. If electronics fail, reaching a store in Iceland's vast landscapes can be challenging. One of our team members once faced a laptop crisis in the remote highlands.

Thankfully, he had rented a car, and he quickly reached Reykjavík for a fix. So, understand the outlets, and remember, renting a car in Iceland can be a game-changer.

What are the types of electrical outlets in Iceland?

Iceland uses Type F and Type C electrical outlets, similar to many European countries. The outlets in Iceland are grounded and have two round pins.

What is the voltage and frequency of the electrical current in Iceland?

The voltage in Iceland is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz, matching the standard European plug system.

Do I need an adapter or converter for my electrical devices in Iceland?

Whether you need an Iceland adapter or an Iceland converter depends on your device's compatibility with Iceland's electricity voltage and plug type.

Where can I buy adapters and converters for Iceland?

You can purchase Iceland adapters and Iceland converters from online retailers, travel stores, or local electronics stores in Iceland.

How do I use my electrical devices in Iceland safely?

Ensure your devices match Iceland's electrical outlet types and voltage (230V, 50Hz). Use appropriate converters or plug adapters for Iceland if needed to prevent damage or malfunctions.

What are some common problems with electrical devices in Iceland?

Common problems include device incompatibility with Iceland's 230V, 50Hz voltage or mismatched plug types requiring adapters or converters. Overloading plugs in Iceland can also cause electrical issues.

What should I do if my electrical device breaks in Iceland?

If your electrical device breaks in Iceland, consider seeking assistance from a local electronics repair shop. Iceland has excellent repair services for electronics.

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