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Iceland may be your next travel destination? Here's how to find flights to Iceland at the lowest price possible. Getting back to our normal lives should not cost an arm and a leg. Buckle up, guys; we're taking off!

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    I would say with all certainty that we are all more than willing to travel once this nightmare is over. We all want to feel that sense of freedom again, discover distant or unknown corners worldwide, try new food and live unique experiences. Those kinds of experiences remind you how alive you are. And while it is true that there are many restrictions right now, there is also a positive side: Prices are going down. So, if you’ve been thinking about  once this is over, we will show you how to get cheap flights to Iceland! 

    Travel to Iceland: COVID19

    I know this is already a trite topic. There’s news about it every single day on every single newspaper, TV, or radio. You are probably as fed up as we are, but unfortunately, it is still something that affects our daily lives whether we like it or not. Luckily, there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel when it comes to tourism. And Iceland is gradually becoming a fantastic option; here’s why:

    First of all, the Icelandic government has now authorized travelers to show their PCT or Test certificate to avoid quarantine. Regardless of this, you still have to follow specific rules when it comes to social distancing. This is not hard to do in a country like Iceland, though. The island has such a low population density that most sightseeing places are both in the outdoors and not close to the big and populated towns. You can then rent a car in Iceland and drive at your own pace, and avoiding crowds if there are any.

    If you think about it, this type of trip allows you to break the monotony without breaking the rules. A great option to have a safe trip without risking others. No horde of tourists, no packed up placed. Just peace, freedom, relaxation, and the majestic beauty of Iceland.

    We prepared a detailed article about the current travel restrictions in Iceland to keep you updated on the country's situation.

    Flights to Iceland: Operating Airlines

    there are many companies that operate flights to Iceland. Some of them depart only from specific countries. We will then detail the main options and available routes.


    Icelandair is the Icelandic national airline and the leading operator in the country. It was founded in 1937 and is based at Keflavik International Airport.

    Yellow traffic sign showing the way to Keflavik Airport

    The airline has routes to and from both sides of the Atlantic. On the European side, Icelandair flies from the main European capitals and cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Manchester Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki. etc.

    Icelandair also operates flights from the United States, from cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Orlando, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Portland, and Seattle. Neighboring Canada is also on Icelandair routes, including cities like Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

    Icelandair covid 19 policy

    Due to the pandemic, they have developed a policy called “Simply Travel,” which will allow clients to make date changes for free if necessary. If you finally cannot travel, you are guaranteed a voucher you can use in the future and not lose your money.

    Icelandair cheap flights

    How to get cheap flights with Icelandair? You must go to their website where they have a “Best offers” section. They usually have promotions for specific times of the year, which you can enjoy if you book in advance. You can also subscribe to their newsletter of offers so that you are aware of the latest news and the airline’s low prices.

    British Airways Flights to Reykjavik

    One of the most important airlines of the United Kingdom offers direct flights to Iceland from London Heathrow and London city airport. You will be in Iceland in just three hours. On their own website, you have a calendar section where you can easily spot the cheapest season and months. This will help you save a lot of money if your schedule is flexible. They are also offering generous baggage allowance with promotional prices.

    Airport sign showing the way to customs and domestic connections- flights to Iceland 

    Play Airlines

    A new low-cost airline in Iceland will start operating soon. The company has been working on its soon-to-be-confirmed launch.

    Free Airline Tickets to Iceland

    When we write free, we do mean free. Today might be your lucky day, so head to and join their promotion. PLAY Airlines Iceland is giving out 1,000 free plane tickets to kick off operations next year. Its hub will be Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and will connect Iceland with Europe and North America.

    You simply need to register on their website to opt for free airline tickets. As easy as that! Winners will be drawn at a later date.

    Direct Flights to Iceland

    At the end of this article, you have available a complete list of the main routes, countries, and airlines that operate direct flights to Iceland, so it is easier to find the closest option for you.

    Tips to get cheap flights to Iceland:

    Book in advance

    This trick may not always work, but it can help most of the time. Prices tend to skyrocket the closer you are to the departure date. Also, consider that Iceland had gained popularity as a tourist destination lately; therefore, flights are usually fully booked quite soon. Less offer means higher prices.

    A young couple staring at their laptop quite happy and surprised for the low prices on flights to Iceland

    As a general rule, if you travel to Iceland in the peak season (June, July, August, and the beginning of September), it is advisable to get your ticket in January or February at the latest. This way, you can get great flight deals and avoid unavailabilities. 

    Prices depend on where you are flying from and the season. As an average, a roundtrip in economy class from Europe ranges between 138-500€. The lowest range is quite a deal, so make sure you check the prices In advance.

    In case you are flying from North America, the cheapest tickers are around $330-400.

    Price aggregators

    We love price comparison websites, and it is not hard to tell why! It can help you get the cheapest rate in just a couple of clicks. As much time as price aggregators can save, we still recommend checking official websites and travel agencies; sometimes, great deals are hidden from these comparison websites.

    The most popular airline ticket price comparison at the moment is probably Skyscanner. Kayak, Mobissimo, and Momondo. Do not forget about Google Flights either, a fantastic tool that helps when trying to get affordable airline tickets. You can check several airlines, dates, and travel lengths at once. Other websites that can help are Expedia, Cheapflights, Edreams, Travelocity, and CheapOair.

    Travel to Iceland in the Low Season

    Traveling to Iceland in the low season equals lower prices. It is not hard to see why: less demand, more supply, great deals. If you are lucky enough to choose your holidays’ dates, dare to travel within the low season.

    The low season in Iceland usually extends from November to April; main holidays and celebrations such as Christmas are not considered low season. These dates correspond to the Icelandic winter, and although many tourists are scared of coming in such a cold season, that time of the year has beautiful things to offer, among them, the Northern Lights. So if you combine cheap flight prices to Iceland with a car rental in Reykjavik that can be at a 50% discount in the low season, what more could you ask for?

    Tourist enjoying the beautiful Northern Lights in the sky of Iceland 

    Look for error fares

    This is a fantastic way to get a good deal, although it is not always simple to find one. To err is human, but fairs are usually well controlled by the airline, so they are not that common. However, it happens sometimes, and you should be ready for the occasion.

    I recommend signing up on platforms like The Flight Deal, Fly4free, Secretflying, and Airfare Watchdog. These errors and glitches are usually corrected soon, so be sure to be fast enough to take advantage of them!

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