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Samuel is an English-born writer from Bedfordshire. He’s a multifaceted person: podcaster, marathon runner and an eager reader that holds a First Class BA in English from the University of Iceland.

During his free time, he enjoys snowboarding and watching Marvel films. Although he has lived and traveled to numerous countries, Iceland remains his favorite one.

If you love literature and podcasts, make sure you check out The Fictional Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast providers!

Articles By Samuel Hogarth

sandstorm in Ieland

Your Guide to a Sandstorm in Iceland

Sandstorms are not limited to desserts and hot climate areas, did you know they also occur in Iceland?

Haifoss Waterfall

Haifoss Waterfall: Once Iceland's Tallest Waterfall

Sheer beauty and impressive height, Haifoss is a must-visit.

22 May 2023 Activities
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Thórsmörk, Iceland

Thórsmörk: A Hike Through Thor's Valley in Iceland

A Hiking oasis in the Highlands of Iceland

 Driving Rules in Iceland

Your Road Map to the Driving Rules in Iceland

The legal aspects of driving in Iceland

Beautiful Icelandic Puffin

Puffins in Iceland – the Sad Clown Birds of the Sea

Nicknamed "Clows of the Sea," Puffins in Iceland are a beautiful bird species most tourists want to see.

05 Sep 2022 Activities
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Surfing in Iceland

Go Surfing in Iceland

Who would have thought surfing in Iceland was possible? Well, of course, it is! let's ride the waves!

13 Apr 2020 Activities
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Icelandic street food

Top 8 Spots for Icelandic Street Food & Reykjavik Fast Food

Eating cheap and delicious is indeed possible, these are some of the options available in Reykjavik.

17 Jun 2020 Reykjavik
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Viking sites in Iceland

Must-See Iceland Viking Sites; Unveiling Iceland's Viking Legacy

Ready to celebrate Iceland’s cultural heritage?

25 Jul 2022 Activities
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visitor overlooking a majestic gorge landscape in Iceland

Why Visit Iceland? Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland

Incredible but still true, some travelers still need reasons to visit Iceland. These are ours.

18 Jul 2020 Travel Tips
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driving the Westfjords, Iceland

Driving in the Westfjords of Iceland - Full Guide

A wild, untamed and isolated area full of scenic drives you should not miss.

Iceland on a budget tips

Guide to Exploring Iceland on a budget

Anything that will help you save a little on your spend in Iceland will help!

23 Jun 2022 Travel Tips
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Cheap rental in Iceland full guide

10 Tips on How to Get a Cheap Rental Car

Getting an easy online car rental booking at low prices in Iceland is of course possible!

How many days do you need in Iceland

How Many Days Should I Spend in Iceland?

Planning made easy for first timers!

10 Jun 2022 Travel Tips
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Things to see and do in the Reykjanes peninsula

Top 11 Things to Do and See in Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes Peninsula is one of the best tour options if you are short on time, discover it right here!

13 Dec 2019 Activities
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Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum exhibition

Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum: Open Your Mouth, Cover Your Nose!

Get attuned to Iceland's infamous delicacy!

20 May 2022 Activities
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Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe: Is an American Driver's License Valid?

Basic information before you get behind the wheel!

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