Top 8 Spots for Icelandic Street Food & Reykjavik Fast Food

Can you eat cheaply in Reykjavík? Of course! Discover these spots for Icelandic street food, yummy and good for both your tummy and your pocket.

Icelandic street food

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    Can you eat cheaply in Reykjavik? Of course! Discover a whole host of tasty Icelandic street food options, including our top picks of authentic Reykjavik street food, to help you make the most of the vibrant food scene in Iceland during your visit.

    With the abundant sources of lamb and fish on this relatively small island, Icelanders have created some delicious delicacies that have come to be the traditional Icelandic dishes.

    You can sample these and more of the best food Iceland has to offer among the buzzing Reykjavik street food scene. Taking a trip to the capital will expose you to some of the tastiest Icelandic traditional food, as well as international dishes, all conveniently within the Reykjavik area.

    The Street Food Scene in Iceland

    With the arrival of over two million tourists every year, Icelanders have responded to the increased demand for affordable, tasty street food by setting up cute and quirky street food stalls and restaurants around the city. Spread around the downtown area in 101 Reykjavik are several food trucks, allowing you to grab a bite of tasty Iceland fast food on the go.

    Compared to the majority of Reykjavik’s restaurants, these street food options are very reasonably priced for Iceland. Although it may seem expensive, keep in mind that Iceland’s wages are much higher than other parts of the world and so, for the locals, these prices are fairly normal.

    It’s good to remember that most of these Reykjavik street food options are family-owned and/or independently-run businesses with super fresh ingredients. Particularly with fish and lamb meals, you’re supporting local farmers and fishermen, which are important to Iceland’s economic wellbeing – plus they taste delicious!

    Let’s explore the best of Reykjavik street food, ready for your Iceland adventure.

    Top Best Spots for Reykjavik Street Food

    When taking your trip to Iceland’s capital city, it pays to know where you can sample some of the country’s finest flavors and most delicious delicacies. Explore the best of the best of Iceland’s food scene by visiting the top Reykjavik street food spots, where you can taste traditional Icelandic cuisine made with the freshest of ingredients. Here are our top picks for Icelandic street food in Reykjavik.


    1. Baejarins Beztu Pylsur


    A must-visit street food vendor during your time in Reykjavik is the renowned Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, which translates to ‘the best hot dog in town’. As the most famous hot dog stand in Iceland and named the best hot dog stand in Europe by British newspaper, the Guardian, Bæjarins Beztu has won quite the accolades. Popular with both tourists and locals, be prepared to queue for Bæjarins Beztu’s famous hot dogs.

    Open since 1939, many famous people have dined at Bæjarins Beztu, including Bill Clinton, who visited the establishment in 2004. His order, the hotdog with mustard, has been called a Clinton ever since. With seven locations in the greater Reykjavik area, including right in the city center, and two on the Southern Peninsula near Keflavik Airport, you’ll have lots of chances to savor the taste of these famous hotdogs for yourself.

    If you can’t wait to try the delights of Bæjarins Beztu, you can get a hotdog as soon as you land at Keflavik Airport, just before you pick up your Iceland rental car to drive to Reykjavik.

    Reykjavik street food


    2. Hlemmur Food Hall

    Not sure which Iceland food favorite you want to try today? Fancy a selection of top Icelandic street food options? We recommend making your way down to the brilliant Hlemmur Food Hall for your pick of Reykjavik’s best street food. Located on the city’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, inside Reykjavik’s previous main bus terminal building, Hlemmur Food Hall was the food first hall in the Icelandic capital.

    From tacos to pizza to Icelandic lamb, there’s no end to the choices you’ll have at Hlemmur Food Hall! Not only will you have the chance to sample some of the best food in Reykjavik at Hlemmur, you’ll also be able to enjoy some exciting and interesting drinks. At Te & Kaffi, you can find freshly-roasted, seasonal and fair trade coffee, whereas experimental bar and restaurant, SKAL!, features Icelandic ale and craft beers.


    3. Grandi Mathöll

    Another street food hall, this time located in Iceland’s picturesque old harbor, Grandi Mathöll is one to visit if you’re interested in seeing Icelandic fish being landed for yourself. Whether you fancy Icelandic, Korean, Italian or a fusion meal, you’re sure to find something you like at Grandi Mathöll.

    Located in a renovated fish factory, this Reykjavik street food hall is one for marine lovers, as you’ll also be able to see the ship arrival and departure times on the screens while you eat. Enjoy some quality Icelandic seafood at Grandi, along with some musical or comedy entertainment if you’re lucky! You might also find some interesting culinary delights at Grandi Mathöll’s pop-up stall, with a new chef serving every month.

    Icelandic fusion food

    4. 101 Reykjavik Street Food

    Take a trip to this simple eatery full of tasty dishes for a convenient and enjoyable dining experience. Serving some of the best food in Iceland, you can sample authentic Icelandic cuisine for a reasonable price at 101 Reykjavik Street Food. Savor the taste of a top local or international dish with these freshly-made-to-order meals.

    Whether you choose one of the fish dishes, such as lobster soup, fish stew or seafood soup, or would rather enjoy a beef noodle soup or lamb soup, you’ll find a dish for you at 101 Reykjavik Street Food. There’s also a tasty vegetable noodle soup available for any vegans or vegetarians.

    5. Voffluvagninn

    Ready for some dessert? Take a stroll to Voffluvagninn, the bright yellow waffle wagon right next to Hallgrimskirkja (the huge church downtown). Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a waffle with sugar, chocolate and whipped cream for a reasonable price. The perfect snack for an energy boost as you continue exploring Reykjavik, you can go for a classic Voffluvagninn waffle or enjoy some of the delicious toppings.

    6. Fish and Chips Vagninn

    For something savory, look out for Fish and Chips Vagninn, a red food truck that generally resides at the harbor, but occasionally relocates. Located at Vesturbugt, the westernmost part of Iceland’s harbor, most of the time, Fish and Chips Vagninn can occasionally be found in different parts of the city, such as by Harpa concert hall during Iceland’s music festivals.

    As a family-run business, the team also own two operating fishing vessels and a processing plant, meaning the top-quality fish you buy at the stall has been caught by the owners themselves. Fish and Chips Vagninn serve super fresh Icelandic cod, generally only caught a few hours before. Their motto is ‘Icelandic quality, British tradition’, so if you’re a Brit, you can head here for a taste of home.

    7. Götubitinn – Reykjavik Street Food

    With a variety of food trucks serving pies, tacos, burgers and more, Götubitinn do pop-up events, such as the European Street Food Awards, and other appearances at different locations around the greater Reykjavik area. Check out the Götubitinn Facebook page to see where they’ll be and when you can catch them around Reyjavik. You’ll find Icelandic street food favorites, such as Arctic Pies, Just Wingin It and even Fish and Chips Vagninn at a Götubitinn event.

    8. Prikid Café

    The classic old diner, Prikid, was opened in 1951 and is now one of the oldest restaurants and cafés in Reykjavik. Serving burgers, sandwiches and snacks, as well as a whole range of delicious vegan options, Prikid is a truly multifaceted venue. From charming coffee shop vibes, to lively restaurant and diner, to vibrant musical venue during the weekends, Prikid can do it all!

    Located on Bankastræti, a street off Laugavegur, Prikid is in prime location in the city center, making it easier for you to visit this Reykjavik gem for a taste of Icelandic culture. A must-see on your food tour of the capital, Prikid will welcome you with its cozy ambiance and delicious-smelling dishes.


    Bonus: Fancier Icelandic Street Food Options

    In the mood for something a little fancier? These street food-inspired restaurants might be just the ticket! Check out our recommendations to enjoy some authentic Icelandic cuisine in a lovely selection of local restaurants. Alternatively, you may choose to dine out in some of the best restaurants in Iceland, many of which can be found in Reykjavik. 

    Icelandic Street Food

    Conveniently named, this family-owned business serves homely recipes from the owner’s grandmother – how nice! Icelandic Street Food comprises some wonderful and authentic Icelandic delicacies, such as the ‘Fisherman’s Favorite’, which is a fish stew made with Icelandic cod, potatoes and onions.

    Perfect for when it’s a bit chilly outside, Icelandic Street Food also offer two types of fresh soup using local Icelandic ingredients: lamb soup, made with Icelandic lamb, and shellfish soup, made with Icelandic scallops and shrimp.

    See how they like to keep things authentic? You can also taste grandmother’s traditional cake and pancakes for dessert – yum! Icelandic Street Food is conveniently located on Laugavegur, right in the center of town.

    Icelandic traditional food

    Lamb Street Food

    Specializing in Icelandic lamb dishes, Lamb Street Food is the place to go if you’d like to sample one of Iceland’s most famous delicacies. Located on Grandagardur in the beautiful old harbor, this family-owned restaurant only sources their lamb from Iceland, having a close relationship with their farmer suppliers.

    Even their sauces are Icelandic as they’re made from skyr: a traditional Icelandic dairy product that dates back centuries, which is similar to yogurt but with a slightly sour flavor.

    Vegetarians and vegans, don’t worry! Lamb Street Food also serves homemade falafel using their own recipe, including a range of vegan sauces. Whether you choose lamb or falafel, you can select your freshly-baked wholegrain flatbread to wrap all the deliciousness up in. There are also salads and mezze platters available, plus a ‘skyramisu’ dessert for the more adventurous among us!


    Enjoy Your Icelandic Food Experience


    Wherever you choose to go to experience yummy Iceland fast food, we hope you get a chance to try some of the country’s best dishes. Soak in the flavors of Reykjavik street food while exploring the beautiful sights of Iceland’s fascinating capital.

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