How to visit Iceland's volcanic eruption by car safely in 2023

Iceland's volcanic eruption

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Hello, fellow adventurers! If you're reading this, you're probably extremely excited about the idea of witnessing one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles - a volcanic eruption. And where better to do this than in the Land of Fire & Ice, Iceland?

Before we dive in, let me assure you that safety is our top priority. We're going to cover everything you need to know to make this journey by car, safely and responsibly. So buckle up, and let's get started!

Preparing for the Journey

  • Check the Latest Updates: Always start by checking the latest updates from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. They provide real-time information about volcanic activity and safety guidelines.
  • Car Rental: Rent a 4x4 vehicle. The terrain can be rough and unpredictable, and a 4x4 will provide the necessary stability and safety.

Pack Essentials: Pack warm clothing, sturdy hiking boots, a first-aid kit, plenty of water, and high-energy snacks. Don't forget a map and a compass - they can be lifesavers in areas where GPS might not work.

On the Road

  • Stick to Marked Paths: Iceland's landscape is fragile, and straying off the marked paths can cause irreversible damage. Plus, it's safer to stay on the designated routes.
  • Respect Road Closures: If a road is closed, it's for a good reason. Don't risk it - your safety is more important than any view.
  • Drive Carefully: Weather in Iceland can change rapidly. Be prepared for strong winds, heavy rain, or sudden fog. Always drive at a speed that allows you to stop quickly if needed.

Don’t want to solo it? More and more tours to the Reykjanes volcanic eruption are sprouting up as we speak, choose your favorite and call shotgun!

At the Volcano

  • Keep a Safe Distance: Stay at least 1 km away from the eruption. This is for your safety and to prevent harmful gasses from affecting you.
  • Follow the Crowd Management Plan: Authorities often have a crowd management plan in place. Follow it to ensure everyone gets a chance to witness the spectacle without causing chaos.
  • Leave No Trace: Respect the environment. Take all your trash with you and leave the place as you found it.

Heading Back

  • Check Weather and Road Conditions: Before starting your journey back, check the latest weather and road conditions.
  • Don't Rush: It's been a long day, and you're probably tired. Drive back carefully, taking breaks if needed.

Remember, the goal is to experience the power and beauty of nature while keeping ourselves and the environment safe. So, let's respect the rules, take care of each other, and enjoy this incredible adventure!

Safe travels, my friends! And don't forget to share your experiences with us when you return. We can't wait to hear all about your Icelandic volcano adventure!

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