The Closest Countries to Iceland

From the majestic landscapes of Greenland to the enchanting fjords of Norway, embark on a journey through the neighboring lands that share the Northern spirit with Iceland.

Closest Countries to Iceland

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Ever wondered how you'd hop across the pond from the Land of Fire and Ice? Well, you're in luck! Dive into this guide and discover the closest countries to Iceland. Trust us, it's as exciting as spotting the Northern Lights for the first time!


Just a hop, skip, and a 1,629 kilometer (1,012 miles) jump away from Iceland, you'll find Greenland, one of the closest countries to Iceland. Have you ever thought about the Iceland to Greenland distance? Now you know! Here, you'll be welcomed by a unique Greenlandic culture, a mix of Inuit and Danish influences. And talk about stunning! From enormous glaciers to icebergs and fjords, Greenland is an adventurer's dream come true.

Closest countries to Iceland

Faroe Islands

Have you ever wondered what countries are near Iceland? Well, the Faroe Islands are one of the closest countries to Iceland! It's only 638 kilometers (396 miles) away. Speaking of which, the Faroese culture is a mix of Norse and Celtic influences. And if you're wondering what to do at these ruggedly beautiful islands, prepare for cliff-hugging hikes, mountains, and waterfalls.

Iceland and Greenland map


If you've ever glanced at an Iceland and Norway map, you'll see they're cozy neighbors, with just 1,458 kilometers (905 miles) between them. Norway, one of the closest countries to Iceland, boasts a culture rich in Viking and Nordic tales. And the scenery? From fjords to glaciers and mesmerizing mountains, it's a visual feast you won't forget!

Map of Iceland and Norway


Here's a fun fact: how far is Iceland from Europe? Take Sweden, for instance; it's just a cozy 1,762-kilometer (1,094 miles) jaunt away. As one of the closest countries to Iceland, Sweden offers an enticing mix of Viking and Nordic cultures. Get ready to be wowed by stunning forests, lakes, and mountains. It's a natural beauty lover's paradise!

Iceland and Sweden

Other Countries Near Iceland

When you spot Iceland on the globe, you'll notice a few other familiar names not too far away. These are some of the other closest countries to Iceland, each with its own unique charm and attractions:

  • Scotland: Just a hop across the North Atlantic Ocean, Scotland combines rich history with stunning landscapes. Famous for its lochs, castles, and Scotch whisky, it's a destination that never fails to enchant.
  • United Kingdom: Beyond Scotland, the wider UK - with its vibrant cities like London and cultural hubs like Stratford-upon-Avon - is a treasure chest waiting to be explored.
  • Ireland: Known for its warm hospitality, stunning green landscapes, and legendary love for a good party, Ireland is a gem worth visiting.

How To Get to the Neighboring Countries of Iceland

So, you're ready to venture beyond the Land of Fire and Ice to visit the closest countries to Iceland? Here's how you can get there:

  • By Plane: The quickest way to hop between these chilly paradises. Many airlines offer direct flights.
  • By Boat: An adventurous option for those who love the open sea and scenic views.
  • By Ferry: If you want to travel to the nearby Faroe Islands, then a ferry is a popular option.

Countries near Iceland

Things To Do in the Closest Countries to Iceland

Once you've made it to the bordering countries of Iceland, you'll find a bucket list of adventures waiting for you. Here are some activities you can enjoy in the closest countries to Iceland:

  • Hiking: Embrace the stunning landscapes on foot, discovering hidden trails and scenic vistas.
  • Camping: Connect with nature under the stars. Don't forget your marshmallows for the campfire!
  • Fishing: Test your patience and skill in the abundant local waters. 
  • Whale Watching: Experience the thrill of witnessing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Glacier Hiking: Don a pair of crampons and explore the ancient, icy wonders.
  • Exploring fjords: Discover the magnificent fjords by boat or on foot, soaking in the breathtaking views.

Setting Sail For the Closest Countries to Iceland

We've sailed through the closest countries to Iceland faster than a puffin dives for dinner. Remember, your Nordic journey starts with renting a car in Iceland. Trust us, it's easier than hitching a ride on a Viking ship. So buckle up and get ready to explore these frost-kissed neighbors. Here's to a journey as epic as the sagas themselves!

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