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Iceland is an expensive country, but we can make it a bit more affordable by using Iceland Discount Card. Check them out, and start saving!

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    Iceland is one of those countries that everyone should travel to at least once in a lifetime. The problem that most travelers face is the country is not exactly a cheap destination. Visiting Iceland on a tight budget is indeed possible! You can, of course, opt for the most affordable options when it comes to accommodation and car rentals. But have you heard about Iceland discount cards? They can also help you get closer to a budget-friendly trip!

    Of all of the places you can travel to, Iceland is probably one of the most expensive ones. Besides being a Scandinavian nation, which already implies a high standard of living and higher taxes, Iceland is also an island. That means many products are produced abroad and must be imported. Therefore, the final prices are higher.

    Does that mean saving some money is impossible? Not at all! First off, you can start by renting a fuel-efficient car, like our Hyundai i10. But there are also several other ways to save money without drastically cutting your expenses. Here you have some suggestions that will potentially help you to stick to your budget.

    Reykjavik City Card

    You probably know that many cities have their own pass, which allows you to visit several touristic places at a reduced price. Well, Reykjavik does have one too! So if you feel like discovering the capital city of Iceland at your own pace but reducing costs, this is the way to go.

    The card provides free entry to several museums, and galleries and unlimited bus rides within Reykjavik. Public transportation in the capital city is widely available. However, they are not cheap at all and will definitely not help with your budget. Therefore, having this option is great if you do not plan on renting a car in Reykjavik.

    Something that I love about this card is that it grants access to all of Reykjavik’s swimming and thermal pools! It is important to know that bathing culture is essential in the Icelandic tradition. Pools are not only made for swimming in them; they are a social place where people meet, chat, and have a lovely time. In case you want to have the full Icelandic experience, heading to a swimming pool or bathing area is a must. And this city card offers free entrance to all of them in Reykjavik! There are also several discounts on ferries, tours, shops, and services.

    Reykjavik City Card Prices

    There is a selection of three different types of cards that will suit different travelers, 2020 prices:

    • 24h card: the price is 4000 ISK per adult and 1650 ISK per child.
    • 48h card: the price is 5600 ISK per adult and 2650 ISK per child.
    • 72h card: the price is 6900 ISK per adult and 3600 ISK per child.

    Reykjavi city card is a good example of the Iceland discount cards that will save you tons of money

    It is important to notice that you must use the card on-site, as online reservations do not add the card discount. You can buy the card online, and you will be given a voucher you need to exchange at many locations within the city to get your physical card. You can check these locations right here.

    Cheaper fuel in Iceland – Gas station Discount Card

    We are all about saving money in this article, and a great tip is to find the cheapest gas prices in Iceland. A road trip through the island is one of the most affordable ways of traveling in this Nordic nation, yet it may imply spending some extra money on gasoline. Fear not, lovely readers! To every problem, there is a solution, and in this case, it comes in the form of a discount card.

    Most car rental companies in Iceland provide a discount keyring you can use every time you fill-up the tank of your rental car, but in case you do not have one you can easily get yours.

    Olís discount card

    You can request this card at any Olís gas station, one of the largest gas companies in Iceland. By using this card, you will get free coffee (what a bonus!) free WI-FI, 3 ISK of discount off every liter of petrol, and a 10% discount at their restaurants.

    May I add that meals at gas stations in Iceland are a great option to save money. These meals are quite nice, well prepared, and varied. Their price is way lower compared to any restaurant on the island. So if you are on a tight budget but still feel like enjoying some meals out, keep this option in mind. Savory Simple food is available, such as sandwiches, Iceland hot dogs, pastries, beverages, and burgers.

    N1 Prepaid card

    That is not a discount card itself, but it can help keep unexpected expenses at bay. Icelandic gas stations have the “full tank” button option and if you happen to press it, know that 25.000 ISK (200 USD approximately) will be held from your credit card. The gas station holds this amount on the assumption of what the total cost for filling up the tank would be. You will then be charged the real final price, but this authorization can take longer to disappear. And if you are on a tight budget, being unable to use 25.000 ISK is not a good idea at all.

    How can we prevent this from happening? The best way is by using prepaid cards. N1 gas station has three different prepaid cards: 3.000 ISK, 5.000 ISK, and 10.000 ISK. You can use these cards for fuel, food, or equipment available at their convenience stores across the nation.

    Prepaid cards for gasoil are also a type of iceland discount card to save both money and time

    Camping Card discounts in Iceland

    If you are planning to camp in Iceland, then you should consider checking this camping card as you can save money on accommodation. The card costs 19.900 ISK this 2020 or 131€ (149 USD) approximately, and you can use it in more than 40 campsites across the country!

    It is essential to mention that the card is up to two adults and up to 4 children under the age of 16. If you are a larger party with more than two adults, then you will need more than one card. In this case, we recommend checking each campsite’s rate and doing some maths to find out, if, for larger parties, the card is still worthwhile.

    Icelandic discount coupons

    OK, this is not exactly a card but a discount booklet you can also use in the form of an app called "Icelandic Coupons". This brochure offers many discounts for restaurants, bars, tours, and entertainment all around Iceland. There are over 70 coupons you can purchase for 1000 ISK (approximately 10 USD), and you can get up to 35% off selected meal courses, 2x1 options, and many more deals. With using just one coupon, you will basically get you 1000 ISK investment back, so we do believe it is a great option to save up some bucks!

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