Iceland Gas Prices: The Cost of Gas in Iceland

Planning a Road trip involves knowing how much you need to spend on gas. These are the current Iceland gas prices so that you can do it easily!

 Iceland Gas Prices

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    Let’s face it, we’ll always be concerned about gas prices whether we’re traveling to another country or staying home. But it definitely takes the concern up a notch if you’re considering a road trip holiday. 

    And when taking into account the perception that Iceland is expensive, it’s no wonder that we often get asked about Iceland gas prices. This is essential information for people considering taking on one of the popular self-drive routes, one of the 4x4 trails, or a proper exploration of the island with a campervan.

    This article will try to answer all your frequently asked questions regarding the cost of gas in Iceland. We'll give you some insider tips on how to save on gas expenses.

    How Much is Gas in Iceland?

    The price of gas in Iceland is relative, since it fluctuates just like in any other country. Generally speaking, you’re looking at between $2-$3 per liter. You’ll find that Diesel is also somewhere within that range. The current gas prices in Iceland at the time of writing this article were roughly $2.33, and Diesel was $2.18. So, Diesel is slightly cheaper.

    Iceland Gasoline Prices

    Currency Liter Gallon
    ISK 320.80 1,212.624
    USD 2.33 8.82
    EUR 2.21 8.37

    Iceland Diesel Prices

    Currency Liter Gallon
    ISK 299.90  1,133.622
    USD 2.18 8.25
    EUR 2.07 7.82

    Where to Get Gas in Iceland

    In Iceland, there are several gas stations, these are:

    • N1
    • Atlantsolia
    • OB
    • Orkan
    • Dælan

    Iceland Gas prices

    Just remember that gas stations in the more remote regions are few and far between. So, you’ll need to plan where you fill up carefully to avoid getting stuck next to the road because of an empty gas tank.

    How Much Gas Will I Need for my Road Trip Around Iceland?

    Well, that all depends on you. Someone who’s just taking a day outing to the outskirts of Reykjavík will not be paying the same in gas expenses as someone road-tripping around the entire island.  

    The rule of thumb is to calculate 12 liters for every 100 km you drive, and then work out how much you’ll be spending on gas. But keep in mind that there are a few other factors that may impact your car’s gas consumption.

    What Impacts the Use of Gas in Iceland?

    As we already touched on, there are a few things that could impact gas consumption. These include the following:

    Your Routes

    It’s one thing to cruise along the neatly paved Golden Circle, but it’s quite another to traverse the rough and exciting F-roads in the Highlands. You will spend much less on gas driving on one of Iceland’s main roads than you would be getting your car across gravel and rocks in the more remote parts of the island.

    Iceland gasoline prices

    The Type of Vehicle You Have

    Gas consumption varies between the different brands and models of vehicles. And as you’ve seen from when we dove into Iceland’s gasoline prices, if you have a vehicle that uses Diesel (typically a 4x4 vehicle), your gas costs will be slightly higher.

    The Way You Drive

    This is a very interesting point since many don’t think about gas consumption in this way. Remember when we talked about day outings vs. road trips? You’ll need to take your itinerary and do a meticulous comparison. 

    Someone thinking they’re saving a lot on gas because they’re opting to do day outings can sometimes get a nasty surprise when they actually start doing the math.

    That’s because people don’t consider a day outing’s back-and-forth. So whilst the road trip route taken based on a daily itinerary may technically be longer, you might actually end up driving “further” just because you need to get there and then drive all the way back again. Do this every day, and the costs quickly rack up.

    The Seasons

    Except for the colder months bringing challenging road conditions along with it, you’ll also have to combat the cold and the legendary Iceland winds. The cold may lead to having to start the engine multiple times (which increases gas consumption) and driving against the wind will also make you “lose” liters along the way as the car struggles its way forward.

    how much is gas in Iceland

    Tips for Cutting Down on the Cost of Gas in Iceland

    The following tips will help you cut down on the cost of gas in Iceland:

    • Choose your Vehicle wisely! Whilst Diesel may be slightly more expensive than gas, you really want to do your research. That’s because certain Diesel cars are more fuel efficient than a normal 2-wheel drive.
    • Go to the self-service stations. Since no one needs to pay an employee, the overheads are lower and therefore the gas costs are less.
    • Pick the right gas station. Iceland gas prices do not just fluctuate like any other country’s gas prices – they also differ depending on which gas station you use. So, ask your rental agent and some of the locals, and they’ll point you in the right direction.
    • Ask about discounts. Some rental agencies actually give visitors all sorts of discount vouchers for activities and attractions around the island. And, sometimes, this also includes a gas chip. This chip is incredibly useful and can save you up to 20c per liter at certain gas stations. Although this may not sound like much, it certainly adds up.
    • If you drive at a slower speed under 50 km/h (which is the general speed limit in Iceland anyway), you can save up to 25% in gas usage.
    • This might be common sense, but don’t step down on the gas pedal too hard.
    • Keep a consistent pace. Stopping and going, and stopping and going, and speeding up and slowing down, and speeding up again and slowing down again. This kind of fluctuating absolutely eats at your gas.
    • It may sound counterintuitive, but you actually use gas every time you hit the brakes. So, wherever possible, simply slow down the car by lifting your foot off the gas pedal and not stepping on the brake.

    Price of gas in Iceland

    Iceland Gas Prices: A Lot of Things are Within Your Control

    There may not be a lot that we can do about the price of gas in Iceland, but there’s plenty we can do when it comes to how much gas we actually use. Whether it is which roads we drive, how far we drive, or where we fill up. It’s all in your control. 

    So, armed with this knowledge and the helpful tips on saving even more on gas expenses, you can now rent a car in Reykjavík with peace of mind.

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