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Insider tips for the top 30 things to do in Iceland, from iconic natural wonders to cultural highlights, these are Iceland's top attractions. Do not miss any of them!

03 Jun 2022 Activities
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The Ins and Outs of Traditional Icelandic Folk Dance

A vibrant expression of the nation's rich cultural heritage.

Dynjandi Waterfall

Our Deep-dive into Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland

A natural wonder tucked away in the heart of Iceland's stunning landscapes

04 Sep 2023 Activities
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Viking Ships

Viking Ships; Sailing the Seas of Adventure!

The enduring legacy of the seafaring Vikings.

Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland

Everything You Should Know About Gullfoss Waterfall

This waterfall is certainly a majestic sight located in South Iceland, check it out!

25 Aug 2023 Activities
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Girl bathing at the secret lagoon in Iceland

The Allure of The Secret Lagoon in Iceland

The Secret Lagoon in Iceland might not be a secret anymore, but it is still as mesmerizing as it can be! Dive in in this great natural hot spring.

21 Aug 2023 Activities
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Landmannalaugar: Iceland's Hidden Gem in the Highlands

A natural wonderland nestled in the heart of Iceland.

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