6-Day Iceland Itinerary: The Perfect Trip for First-Timers

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Planning a 6-day Iceland itinerary? You're in for a treat! At Reykjavík Cars, we've been navigating adventurers like you through Iceland's mystical landscapes since 2013. From geysers to glaciers and the mesmerizing Northern Lights, we've seen it all.

And, drawing from our personal escapades (including that amusing time we mistook a particularly tall pile of snow for a new mountain), we're here to ensure your Icelandic journey is nothing short of epic. Ready to embark on an adventure with a touch of our local expertise? Let's hit the road!

Introduction to Iceland

Before embarking on your 6-day Iceland itinerary, it's essential to get acquainted with the basics of this enchanting land. From its unique geography to its rich culture, here's what you'll need to know:


Get set for a geographic marvel during your 6-day Iceland itinerary. Comparable in size to Kentucky, Iceland boasts a tableau of over 130 volcanoes, extensive glaciers, and a unique sight where two tectonic plates meet above sea level. Indeed, this volcanic and geothermal hotspot nestled in the North Atlantic is a real treasure trove!

6 day iceland itinerary


As you plot your 6-day itinerary of Iceland, don't be fooled by the country's frosty moniker. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland is surprisingly temperate. Winter sees temperatures below freezing, while summer stays cool around 10-15°C (50-59°F). Remember, if you dislike the weather, just wait a bit; it's infamously unpredictable, with rain, snow, sun, and wind all possible in one day. And let's not overlook the magical Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.


Delve into Iceland's vibrant culture during your 6 days in Iceland tour. This island is renowned for its rich history, arts, and folklore rooted in Norse traditions. With globally recognized sagas, a high literacy rate, an impressive number of authors per capita, and celebrated music artists like Björk, Iceland's culture is truly captivating.

Don't miss their wide variety of Icelandic festivals, and do watch this entertaining YouTube video for a comprehensive feel.

Things to Know Before You Go

Before you zip up your suitcase and embark on your Iceland itinerary for 6 days, here are some insider tidbits to make your trip smoother: 

  • Currency: Iceland uses the Icelandic króna (ISK). Credit cards are widely accepted, even in remote areas.
  • Language: Icelandic is the official language, but English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas.
  • Tipping: Tipping in Iceland is not customary! Service charges are included in bills.
  • Plugs: They use the Europlug (Type C & F), so pack an adapter if you're coming from elsewhere.
  • Water: Tap water is pure and safe to drink. No need for bottled water here!

When to Visit Iceland

Choosing the perfect time for your 6-day Iceland itinerary can be like picking the perfect pair of socks - it can make or break the experience! So, before you pack your woolly socks, let's tune into the rhythm of Iceland's seasons to determine the best time to visit Iceland.

Winter trip to Iceland

Best Time of Year To Visit

A 6-day trip to Iceland can be a mesmerizing experience year-round, but timing can enhance your adventure further. Let's prod Mother Nature a bit to find out when she's at her best in Iceland:

  • Summer (June to August): These months bring out Iceland's true colors, offering long daylight hours (up to 24 during the Summer Solstice) and access to F-roads that are otherwise impassable. It's an ideal time for hiking and wildlife spotting.
  • Winter (December to February): If witnessing the Northern Lights is high on your bucket list, winter is your golden ticket. Be ready for shorter days and icy roads, though. Puffin sightings? Count them out in winter.
  • Spring and Autumn (March to May & September to November): These shoulder months offer a balance of moderate weather, fewer tourists, and reasonable prices. It's a good compromise for a 6-day trip to Iceland, although the weather can be unpredictable.

Things To Pack for Different Seasons

Packing for a 6-day tour of Iceland can feel like preparing for a trip to Narnia, thanks to Iceland's diverse weather conditions. Here are some essential items you'll need for each season:

  • Summer: Don't be deceived by the word 'summer'; temperatures still average around 10-13°C (50-55°F). Light, layer-able clothing, a waterproof jacket, and sturdy hiking boots are must-haves.
  • Winter: This season calls for maximum insulation. Pack thermal clothing, a heavy winter jacket, gloves, and a hat. Don't forget a good pair of waterproof boots for those snowy escapades.
  • Spring/Autumn: These transitional seasons require a mix of summer and winter wear. Always pack layers and rainproof gear. After all, Icelandic weather is as unpredictable as a plot twist in a thriller!

Iceland itinerary 6 days

How to Get Around Iceland

Now that we've got you prepped for your 6-day Iceland itinerary, let's navigate the various modes of transportation to help you explore this Viking wonderland with ease.

  • Rental Car: Rental cars offer freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace. It is ideal for reaching secluded places without worrying about tour schedules.
  • Buses: Buses in Iceland are a hassle-free and cost-effective transportation option covering popular tourist destinations. Ideal for those who prefer not to drive. However, it may lack the flexibility of self-driving.
  • Tours: Tours provide guided, curated experiences with expert insights into Iceland's wonders. Transportation and sometimes meals are included. However, they may be restrictive and lack spontaneity, especially for adventurous travelers.

6 day Iceland itinerary

Where to Stay in Iceland

Mapping out your 6-day Iceland itinerary also means pinpointing the perfect places to rest after each day's adventures. From cozy hotels to rustic guesthouses, let's explore where to lay your head in Iceland.

  • Hotels: Hotels offer comfort and convenience for those on a 6-day Iceland itinerary. From luxury establishments in Reykjavík to charming boutique hotels, the variety is vast. Some hotels, like Hotel Rangá, offer Northern Lights wake-up calls. 
  • Guesthouses: These family-run establishments provide a homely atmosphere and a chance to experience traditional Icelandic hospitality. Guesthouses like Héraðsskólinn Historic Guesthouse offer stays in historic buildings and are usually in prime locations.
  • Camping: Ideal for those wanting to embrace the wild side of Iceland in 6 days. Despite unpredictable weather, well-equipped campsites are available. There are also glamping options that offer a comfortable wilderness experience.

Camping in Iceland

Must-See Places in Iceland

As part of your 6-day Iceland itinerary, there are awe-inspiring locations that you simply cannot miss. Let's dive into these enchanting destinations that are a testament to Iceland's unrivaled beauty.

Golden Circle 

A 6-day trip to Iceland isn't complete without exploring the Golden Circle. This iconic route showcases geothermal wonders, the powerful Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park, where tectonic plates visibly drift apart. It's a snapshot of Iceland's natural majesty in just one day.

South Coast

During your adventure in Iceland in 6 days, the South Coast beckons with its dramatic landscapes. From the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara to the cascading Skógafoss waterfall, it's a stretch of coastline that encapsulates Iceland's raw beauty and diverse geological wonders.


The Westfjords, often dubbed Iceland's hidden gem, are a must on any Iceland in 6 days itinerary. This remote region boasts rugged cliffs, serene fjords, and the mesmerizing Dynjandi waterfall. It's a slice of untouched wilderness, offering a tranquil escape from the usual tourist trails.

6 day trip to iceland

North Iceland

During your 6 days in Iceland, don't skip North Iceland, an area renowned for its otherworldly landscapes. From the bubbling geothermal fields of Mývatn to the thunderous Dettifoss waterfall, the north promises dramatic volcanic scenery and opportunities for whale watching in Husavik.

Activities in Iceland

As you shape your 6-day Iceland itinerary, it's not just about the places, but the thrilling activities that bring the landscape to life. Let's delve into the best things to do in Iceland!


No Iceland 6-day itinerary is complete without an invigorating hike through its extraordinary natural scenery. From the volcanic landscapes of the Laugavegur trail to the glacier gorges of Vatnajökull National Park, each step unveils an awe-inspiring view. It's a breathtaking way to fully immerse yourself in Iceland's raw, untamed beauty.

Whale Watching

A 6-day tour of Iceland isn't complete without whale watching. Especially popular in the North, like Húsavík, these tours offer a chance to witness majestic humpbacks, orcas, and minke whales in their natural habitat, making it an unforgettable experience amidst Iceland's vast oceanic backdrop.

Whale watching Iceland

Glacier Hiking

On a 6-day Iceland tour, glacier hiking is a thrilling must-do. Going on a glacier hiking tour of either Vatnajökull or Sólheimajökull is a unique way to experience the country's stunning ice formations, from crevasses to ice caves. With experienced guides leading the way, it's an adventure that will leave you in awe.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are a natural wonder that you must explore during your 6-day Iceland tour. These geothermal marvels offer a relaxing retreat, with some, like the Blue Lagoon, boasting healing properties. For a list of unique and lesser-known hot springs, check out our guide to the best hot springs in Iceland

Budgeting for a Trip to Iceland

When planning your 6-day Iceland itinerary, it's crucial to set a realistic budget. Whether you're aiming for luxury or traveling to Iceland on a budget, we've got you covered in the upcoming sections.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel to Iceland?

Planning your budget for an Iceland itinerary for 6 days can be intimidating. However, we've taken the liberty to break down the costs so you're not taken aback. Here's an overview of what you can expect for your expenses:

  • Accommodation Costs: Depending on your comfort preferences and location, the cost of accommodation can vary. On average, you could spend around $120-$240 per night in a mid-range hotel.
  • Travel Expenses: Car rentals or public transportation, fuel, and parking fees add to your travel expenses. Typically, expect to budget around $60 per day for travel.
  • Food and Beverage: Iceland is known for its exquisite cuisine, but dining can be pricey. A meal at a mid-range restaurant could cost around $20-$40.
  • Tour Costs: Adventure tours like glacier hiking or whale watching could range from $100-$300, depending on the season and tour operator.

6 day ring road itinerary

Tips for Saving Money on Your Trip

During your 6-days in Iceland, a little savvy can help your money stretch further:

  • Self-Catering: Save on food costs by preparing meals. Local grocery stores have a broad range of produce and Icelandic specialties.
  • Off-Peak Travel: Visit outside of the high season (June to August) for better deals on accommodation and tours.
  • Public Transport: Utilize public transport if you want to save on car rental fees.
  • Book in Advance: Book your accommodation and tours in advance for better deals.
  • Free Attractions: Explore free natural wonders like waterfalls, geysers, and beaches.

Planning Your 6-Day Iceland Itinerary

Now that we've taken a tour of Iceland's stunning landscapes and activities, let's roll up our sleeves and dive into crafting the perfect 6-day Iceland itinerary. This will be our roadmap for your unforgettable Icelandic adventure.

Day 1: Reykjavík

Kick off your adventure in Iceland in 6 days by exploring Reykjavík's vibrant streets. Begin with the enlightening Walk with a Viking Tour, diving deep into the city's history and culture.

As the day unfolds, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Lava Show, witnessing the raw power of molten rock. Round off your day with some local cuisine, and explore the Old Harbor area for a glimpse of the city's maritime heritage.

6 day iceland itinerary

Day 2: Golden Circle

On the second day of your 6-day itinerary of Iceland, dive into the heart of the Golden Circle. After marveling at the historical wonders of Þingvellir National Park and the cascading beauty of Gullfoss waterfall, amp up the adventure with the thrilling Geysir Buggy Adventure.

Feel the rush as you navigate the rugged terrains, getting up close to Iceland's geothermal marvels. Take a rest at the famous Geysir hot spring area before heading back to Reykjavík.

Golden Circle, Iceland

Day 3: South Coast

As you venture further into your 6-day Iceland itinerary, the South Coast unveils its treasures. Start by witnessing the cascading beauty of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls.

The black sand beaches of Reynisfjara beckon next. But the day's highlight? Delving deep into the mesmerizing Katla Ice Cave with a super jeep tour. Limited to just six adventurers, it's an intimate journey into Iceland's icy heart. End the day in Vik with memories of nature's grandeur.

Skogafoss waterfall

Day 4: North Iceland

On the fouth day of your 6-day trip to Iceland, North Iceland beckons with its geothermal marvels and Arctic charm. Dive into the region's history with a visit to the 1238 Battle of Iceland experience.

Explore the beauty of Lake Mývatn and the bustling town of Akureyri. As the day winds down, find solace in one of Akureyri's cozy accommodations, recharging for the adventures ahead.

6 day trip to iceland

Day 5: Westfjords 

Your Iceland 6-day tour continues to the remote beauty of the Westfjords. Here, the landscape is dotted with rugged cliffs and tranquil fjords. A visit to the picturesque village of Ísafjörður sets the tone. But the day's standout experience?

The Seal Watching at Rauðasandur. Witness seals in their natural habitat, a truly sensational and serene encounter. As the sun sets, find a cozy spot in one of Ísafjörður's charming guesthouses or hotels, ensuring a restful night amidst the beauty of the Westfjords.

Westfjords, Iceland

Day 6: Back to Reykjavík

Concluding your 6-day Iceland tour, return to Reykjavík with a splash by joining the Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching tour. Witness the majestic marine giants in their natural habitat.

Later, indulge in relaxation at the world-famous Blue Lagoon. As night falls, Reykjavík's vibrant streets offer a mix of Nordic culture and cuisine, ensuring a perfect end to your Icelandic journey. Rest up in one of the city's welcoming accommodations.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Unpacking the Magic of a 6-Day Iceland Itinerary 

Embarking on a 6-day Iceland itinerary is a journey through nature's grand theater, from roaring waterfalls to serene fjords. As we've journeyed together, it's clear that to embrace Iceland's wonders truly, freedom is key.

Renting a car in Reykjavik offers that unmatched liberty to explore at your own pace. Your road to the extraordinary starts here. Don't just dream about it. Start planning your Icelandic adventure today!

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