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Insider tips for the top 30 things to do in Iceland, from iconic natural wonders to cultural highlights, these are Iceland's top attractions. Do not miss any of them!

03 Jun 2022 Activities
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Decorations for easter in Iceland

Celebrating An Iceland Easter: Viking Traditions and Eggciting Festivities

Easter traditions vary across the world, and Icelanders have their own way to celebrate it.

Lakagigar in Iceland, impressive volcanic area

Highland Road F206 to Lakagigar in Iceland

An impressive volcanic fissure in Iceland.

Haifoss Waterfall

Haifoss Waterfall: Once Iceland's Tallest Waterfall

Sheer beauty and impressive height, Haifoss is a must-visit.

22 May 2023 Activities
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Iceland 10 Days Itinerary

Iceland 10 Days Itinerary

Discover what to see and do driving around Iceland in 10 days!

19 May 2023 Itineraries
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Iceland Waterfalls

The Top 15 Iceland Waterfalls to Discover

A breathtaking journey through the enchanting world of Iceland's waterfalls

15 May 2023 Activities
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Iceland in August

Everything You Need to Know About Iceland in August

Embrace the endless summer days!

12 May 2023 Travel Tips
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Eco hotels in iceland

Sustainable and Eco Hotels in Iceland

Comfort and sustainability all at once!

08 May 2023 Accommodation
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A Complete Guide to Iceland in Summer

A perfect summer scape!

05 May 2023 Travel Tips
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Iceland in July

The Ultimate Guide to Iceland in July

An unforgettable experience awaits!

01 May 2023 Travel Tips
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Reykjavík airport

Navigating Reykjavik Airport, National Airport in Iceland

Reykjavik airport is constantly confused with Keflavik Airport, Don't let it happen to you!

28 Apr 2023 Travel Tips
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