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Would you like a bath after a long day of sightseeing? Discover the best Iceland hot Springs for a dreamy, unique, and relaxing experience.

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Images of the different seasons representing the Icelandic weather

The Icelandic Weather - Defining Seasons

The Icelandic climate shows great variations and it is an important factor for your trip.

24 May 2019 Travel Tips
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Piggy bank representing the savings you can get with a cheap rental in Iceland

How To Find a Cheap Rental in Iceland

Getting an easy online car rental booking at low prices in Iceland is of course possible!

Map of activities and things to do in Iceland

Top Things To Do in Iceland

This list of the best things to do will have you falling in love with Iceland!

17 May 2019 Activities
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One krona coin and other icelandic currency

ISK Krona: The Icelandic Currency

We will teach you a thing or two about the Icelandic Króna, the official currency.

14 May 2019 Travel Tips
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Plane landing at Keflavik Airport

Keflavik Airport – Iceland’s Main Hub

Basic information of the largest airport in Iceland and gate to most international flights.

07 May 2019 Travel Tips
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Speed limits in Iceland diagram

Speed Limits in Iceland and Restrictions

First time driving in the island? We got you cover! Here are the speed limits and restrictions when driving in Iceland.

Driving in Iceland on the Ring Road with beautiful views on the background

Driver's License Requirements for Iceland Rentals

Now, it's time to discuss all the requirements you need to drive a rental vehicle in Iceland!

Iceland's F-Roads direction sign to Hveravellir

Driving F-Roads in Iceland Full Guide

Mountain roads in Iceland are quite challenging. We have the complete information right here.

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