Suzuki Rentals in Iceland

Looking for a sturdy yet environmentally-friendly rental vehicle in Iceland? Choose from our Suzuki vehicle fleet and prepare for a smooth and hassle-free adventure! Go down the F-Roads in the all-mighty Suzuki Jimny and Vitara, or ping pong around Reykjavik in the compact Suzuki Swift. The power is in your hands!

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Suzuki Jimny rental in Iceland

Suzuki Jimny (manual)

  • manual
  • Doors:3
  • Passengers:2
  • Carry-On:4
  • F-Roads:4WD
  • Model:2022
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The small yet fierce Suzuki Jimny SUV delivers Iceland to the palm of your hand, while the city-friendly Suzuki Swift bends around corners like Beckham! Now let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons for choosing Suzuki rental in Iceland:

  • Sustainability. Suzuki has a proven commitment to protecting the environment, and is the first automobile manufacturer to have created an end-of-life disposal network, a series of collection points strewn out all over the world ready to receive and dismantle ELVs. Sustainable technology is one of the brand’s core values!

  • Reliability. As expected from a Japanese car manufacturer, from a worldwide average Reliability Index of 100 (the lower the better), Suzuki scored 55, placing it among the top 10 most reliable vehicles in the world! Want a hassle-free Icelandic adventure? Rent a Suzuki Jimny or a Vitara in Iceland and head for the hills!

  • Value. Who says you have to pay a fortune to get a quality vehicle at a reasonable price? The Suzuki Team sure doesn’t! They are now offering HYBRID technology in order to provide higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions, resulting in a satisfying driving experience at great value!

  • Safety. Some people think twice when it comes to renting a vehicle in Iceland due to the harsh weather conditions. Well, many of them can now breathe easy thanks to Suzuki’s advanced technology in terms of road safety. From Automated Emergency Braking to Adaptive Cruise Control… The Suzuki fleet of 4x4 SUVs is designed to keep you safe at all times!

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Reading about how great your Suzuki rental in Iceland can be is all very well, but an image is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand images, so see for yourself how the Suzuki Jimny makes off-roading look like a piece of cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You’re in luck! We’ve already provided answers to the most common questions regarding car rentals in Iceland.

The best locations to rent a Suzuki in Iceland are our Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport offices. 

Our pick-up and drop-off services are available 365 days a year. Fill in all the required information when you complete your booking and we’ll take you to your rental vehicle in a jiffy!

We have the Suzuki Swift, Jimny and Vitara in our vehicle fleet for you to choose from! The Swift is one of the most sought-after city car rentals in Iceland, while the Jimny and the Vitara are 4wD SUVs.

Want to stick to Reykjavik and the surrounding areas or travel along the Ring Road during the summer? The Suzuki Swift could be a good match for you!

Is your goal to explore the more remote corners of Iceland, go down every path and traverse every crossing? The Jimny and Vitara are what you want!

Just think carefully about where you want to go during your stay in Iceland and choose the right Suzuki rental for you!

Renting our most popular Suzuki (Jimny) in Iceland for 1 week will cost you around $525 ($75 per day). This may vary depending on the season.

You can choose from a wide range of essentials you might need during your trip: multiple types of insurance, extra driver, roof box, baby seat, Wi-Fi, GPS… You name it, we’ve got it!

That really depends on the Suzuki model you decide to rent! The Suzuki Jimny and Vitara are suitable for dirt trails and F-roads, which means that you’ll be able to reach even the most remote corners of Iceland! On the other hand, the Suzuki Swift is a city car, so you’ll be limited to urban areas and their surroundings.

Please note that you may encounter rivers when going down dirt trails and F-roads but we do NOT recommend crossing them, as the rental car insurance does not cover any damage caused while doing so.

The Vitara and Duster are both 4x4 SUVs and have very similar features, thus making it challenging to know which one to go for!

We have both vehicles in our fleet, so you can be very sure that we’re going to give it to you straight and impartially: the Dacia Duster is manual and its undercarriage is higher, giving it the ability to overcome more challenging obstacles and difficult-to-pass areas; however, the Vitara is on a higher level in terms of quality, additional equipment and safety elements, as well as offering a more pleasant experience driving on asphalt roads.

In terms of price, you can hire the Duster for $65 per day against a daily $75 for the Vitara. The final choice is yours and it’s all about priorities, so sleep on it and secure your Iceland rental vehicle when you wake up!


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