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Samuel is an English-born writer from Bedfordshire. He’s a multifaceted person: podcaster, marathon runner and an eager reader that holds a First Class BA in English from the University of Iceland.

During his free time, he enjoys snowboarding and watching Marvel films. Although he has lived and traveled to numerous countries, Iceland remains his favorite one.

If you love literature and podcasts, make sure you check out The Fictional Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast providers!

Articles by Samuel Hogarth

Hot dogs, a famous dish within the icelandic food options

A Guide to Iceland Food for Visitors

Iceland food is more than just rotted shark meat! Let's Explore Iceland's gastronomy.

18 Jun 2019 Cuisine
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midnight sun in Iceland - Kirkjufellfoss

The Mesmerizing Midnight Sun in Iceland

Coming to Iceland in the summer? Then know you can enjoy this phenomenon!

14 Jun 2019 Travel Tips
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young boy hunting for the northern lights in Iceland

Hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland: Guide for Self Drivers

Hunting for the Northern Lights on your own is now possible! Learn how.

11 Jun 2019 Activities
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Insurance form to fill in, it is important to know the best iceland car rental insurance available before doing so

All About Iceland Car Rental Insurance

Renting a car in Iceland doesn't have to be complicated; with this guide, it will be easy as pie!

vehicles lining up at the queue of a toll road

Iceland Toll Roads – Full Guide and Prices

Are tolls a cost to be added to your budget? Let's find out.

map of iceland with fun spots and cartoon images

Map of Iceland: The Trip of a Lifetime

Enjoy the freedom of the open road with this map of Iceland, a road trip you won't forget!

Images of the different seasons representing the Icelandic weather

The Icelandic Weather - Defining Seasons

The Icelandic climate shows great variations and it is an important factor for your trip.

24 May 2019 Travel Tips
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One krona coin and other icelandic currency

ISK Krona: The Icelandic Currency

We will teach you a thing or two about the Icelandic Króna, the official currency.

14 May 2019 Travel Tips
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Plane landing at Keflavik Airport

Keflavik Airport – Iceland’s Main Hub

Basic information of the largest airport in Iceland and gate to most international flights.

07 May 2019 Travel Tips
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