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Driver's License Requirements for Iceland Rentals

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Arranging an excursion in Iceland is currently a pattern among vacationers and travel lovers. It is likely to be present is most traveler’s bucket lists. Iceland is Europe's second-biggest island, and it is one of the closest to the north pole. So nature here is crude, wild, and raw. The sort of nature you can just find in spots like Iceland.

Fortunately, traveling across the nation is anything but difficult to do. The Ring Road is the primary and fundamental road that circles the island and the essential tourist spots are generally close to this way. In any case, before setting out yourself on an excursion, it is significant to realize what the driver's license requirements for Iceland are. Would your home country driver’s license get the job done? Let’s find out.

Iceland Driving License Requirements for Rentals

Most guests will lease a vehicle in Iceland for their get-away. Other than taking a gander at the ideal vehicle for the perfect excursion, you additionally need to comprehend what are the conditions of the car rental companies. You would prefer not to make that inquiry while landing at Keflavik Airport, isn't that so? There is an enormous assortment of nationalities, and national driver permits types. Luckily, most permits are valid in Iceland as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. If not in English, it must be written in Latin letters in order as well: this applies to languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, and whatever other languages that use a different sort of alphabet.

  2. A driving license must have a photo of the driver.

  3. You should have held your license for one year at least. This period is tallied from the original issue date.

  4. It must have an issue and expiry date. This way, the staff at the office can see it is a full driver's permit. Provisional ones are not acknowledged.

  5. The permit ought to be equivalent to a European B License.

  6. So, what is a European B License? you may inquire. Well, it is a permit that enables you to drive a passengers’ vehicle and a similar vehicle not heavier than 3500 kg. You can drive any van, camper, 2WD, and four-wheel-drive vehicle with this permit as long as the maximum weight limit is not exceeded. Please be advised that to drive on F-Roads a 4x4 vehicle is mandatory.

The Icelandic Transport Authority has this to say:

“All valid driving licenses issued in other countries allows tourists in Iceland to drive the same categories of vehicles as stated in the license. The license holder has to fulfill national rules on minimum age and the license must be printed in Latin characters. Commercial driving is only allowed on the basis of licenses from other EC countries.”

Do I need an international driving license in Iceland?

On the off chance that your driver's permit does not meet any of the prerequisites previously mentioned, you do require an international driving permit. Iceland driver's permit conditions are clear and rigid. Numerous insurance agencies only cover the driver in specific situations. So it is critical to have the correct documentation for a rental.

Know that an international driver’s license isn't a permit itself. It is an official translation of your permit into ten languages. This translation is acknowledged by most nations around the world, yet despite everything you have to carry your own driver license alongside the international one. Else, it isn't valid. In case you need an international permit, you have to apply for one at your nearby traffic administration authorities. In many nations, it is issued on the same day.

Can I drive in Iceland with a US license?

The US driving license holders can drive in Iceland without an IDP (International Driver's Permit). It’s the same for citizens of Canada, EEA countries, and those in the EU.

Driving in Iceland with a UK license

However, because of Brexit, Brits are more likely to get tripped up, as they may soon have to secure an IDP for countries where it wasn’t previously needed. This useful guide from the British government shows where an International Driving Permit is required, or will likely be needed.

Really it comes down to the fact that though Britain’s decision to leave is clear, the exact terms of its departure are not. That government advice will be updated once the full terms of the exit deal from the EU are negotiated and in place. For Iceland, what’s expected to be the case is that British license holders will only need an IDP if the UK leaves the EU without a deal and their proposed stay is over 1 month.

What documents do I need to drive in Iceland?

To be qualified to lease an Icelandic car, you will require a credit card an ID or your passport, and your national driver permit, if it is valid in Iceland. In numerous nations, they have a few types of temporary licenses before providing a full one. In Europe, in the event that you have less than one year of driving experience, you are considered as a novel driver. Your permit would be like a temporary one. That is the reason why car rental companies expect you to have held your permit for at least 12 months.

It is likewise imperative to make reference to that most car rental agencies allude to the first issue date of your permit to know whether you have no less than one year of driving experience. In Europe, if you renovate your permit, it still shows the original issue date. On the off chance that it isn't your case, you may need to bring along any official document where the first date shows up.

Your permit can't expire while in Iceland either. So try to check both the issue and expiry date of your permit to see whether you have to renovate it. That will, without a doubt, help in staying away from any potential issue in regards to the legitimacy of your permit. For some other special case, do get in touch with us at

Making a road trip in the land of fire and ice is a lifetime dream for many. It is essential to be aware of what the Icelandic authorities and rental companies require for rentals to have a smooth experience.

Age restrictions for driving in Iceland

Numerous travelers wonder if there are a minimum and maximum age limit for leasing a car in Iceland. That highly depends on the vehicle. In Reykjavik Cars, it is 20 years of age for the majority of our vehicles in the compact and medium range. In the event that you intend to lease a large SUV or a passenger car, you should be at least 23 years of age.

There is not a maximum age limit. If you hold a legitimate permit that meets the majority of the prerequisites referenced previously, you are qualified for any road drive in Iceland.

Driving in Iceland – Driver's License and Requisites

As you can see, having the correct documents to drive an Icelandic vehicle isn't that complicated. Much of the time, you don't have to experience the troubles of getting a special, specific license or permit just to lease a vehicle. In case that the majority of the documents are all together, at that point, you should simply set up your road trip itinerary. Pick the correct vehicle for your holidays in Iceland. Once you touch base at the Keflavik International Airport, all you need to do it to have a fabulous time!


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