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Speeding Fines in Iceland - Guide & Info

How to avoid getting a speeding fine in Iceland? Do not break the speed limit!

Keflavik Shuttle Bus & Transfer Options

For convenience and affordability, most people use airport transfer to the closest city. This is Keflavik Shuttle Bus!

28 Jul 2019 Travel Tips
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Iceland Discount Cards

Who doesn't love a good discount? We will show you how to save some extra bucks in Iceland!

11 Jul 2019 Travel Tips
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Is Iceland Expensive for Travelers?

An essential question when it comes to planning a budget. Get your calculators out!

28 Jun 2019 Travel Tips
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A Guide to Iceland Food for Visitors

Iceland food is more than just rotted shark meat! Let's Explore Iceland's gastronomy.

18 Jun 2019 Cuisine
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The Mesmerizing Midnight Sun in Iceland

Coming to Iceland in the summer? Then know you can enjoy this phenomenon!

14 Jun 2019 Travel Tips
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Iceland Toll Roads – Full Guide and Prices

Are tolls a cost to be added to your budget? Let's find out.

Map of Iceland: The Trip of a Lifetime

Enjoy the freedom of the open road with this map of Iceland, a road trip you won't forget!

Preparing For Driving in Winter in Iceland

Winter driving in Iceland can be a unique and sometimes challenging experience. Get prepared with us!

ISK Krona: The Icelandic Currency

We will teach you a thing or two about the Icelandic Króna, the official currency.

14 May 2019 Travel Tips
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