#History of Iceland

Iceland Language: The heritage of the Viking language

Icelandic is a complex and very interesting language, have you ever heard of it?

Icelandic Names: How do they work?

Naming customs from around the world do vary, do you know Iceland's?

Iceland Elves: An Ancient Belief

The possibility of their existence is quite exciting! Have you heard about Icelandic elves? We have!

Viking House Architecture & Turf Houses

Most of us have heard about Vikings but do we really know how the Vikings used to live? How were Viking houses built? Let’s dig a bit more into the Viking culture.

Vegvisir in Norse Mythology

The Vegvisir will guide the way to those who wander, but its meaning is way deeper. Discover what the Viking compass symbolizes.

Iceland’s Folktales and Nature

Iceland’s Folktales have captivated generations for centuries. Will they captivate you too?

Islendingur Viking Ship

Vikings and ships always go together. Learn more about the world-known Islendingur Viking Ship.

Building Cairns in Iceland

Cairns are both a sign of tradition and a way to guide the way. You may come across several of them while in Iceland, so here's all you need to know about them.

Iceland's Role in The European Union

Iceland and the European Union relations summary.

Demographics of Iceland

This statistic shows the population of Iceland, major towns, ethnicity, and more!

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